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Company Overview

CRC Partners is a boutique commercial real estate brokerage firm specializing in strategic, long term planning for your industrial real estate needs.

We partner with your company to assess your unique set of circumstances and then assist you in making the best real estate decisions based on a thorough understanding of your business, your future goals, time lines, finances and investment strategies. CRC Partners will help to ensure that your real estate goals are maximized allowing you to focus on your business.

We strive to create satisfied customers by providing responsive service and innovative real estate solutions, thereby sustaining long-term relationships and customer referrals.

CRC Partners provides true consultancy, support and advice, not just market information and transcational due dilegence.

The CRC Partners Difference

CRC Partners wants to be your inside real estate department, just as if we were sitting in the next office to yours. CRC Partners will attend your internal meetings and assist in the development of a realistic, strategic plan to obtain your real estate goals. We provide clarity, direction and solutions as well as handling all of the following:

  • Communicating and negotiating with outside brokers who have only their client’s best interests in mind.
  • Devote time to clearly understand your needs and objectives and weed out the properties that won’t work for you.
  • Compile a list of the best properties that we pre-qualify to fit your needs saving you time.
  • Let you stay focused on your business at hand.
  • We ask all the right questions and provide you with the answers that will allow you to make the most informed choices in all of your commercial real estate endeavors.

Company History

CRC Partners brings a 21 year history of brokering complex commercial real estate transactions for business owners and generational family real estate investment firms. Formerly known as Collantes Realty Commercial, our firm concluded that our clients view us as a partner rather than a client of their firm. With that in mind, the firm decided in late 2008 to change their name to CRC Parnters to reflect this relationship with our clients. Collantes Realty Commercial (CRC Partners) was formed in August 1988 by Edward A. Collantes, an experienced corporate real estate executive.

Company Experience

CRC Partners has participated in the sale of office buildings, warehouses, apartment buildings and development land parcels. We have brokered several major industrial lease and retail store lease transactions and participated in an excess of 300 transactions.

Although CRC Partners is well versed in all aspects of commercial brokerage, CRC Partners has chosen to specialize in the sales and leasing of office/warehouse properties.

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